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Hunting Pics

Brad Taylor's Rio Concho Dogs 21 Coveys 1/2 day hunt
Eagle Head Ranch in Reagan Co. 

David & Ryan Egger
35 Coveys in one day near Muleshoe Tx
Dec 2015

West TX Guided Wild Bird Hunt

Nora my 7 month old DD on her first duck retrieve..brought it back alive w/a very soft mouth

Guided wild bird hunt, Gary Wright's dog rig and land owners two quail buggies

David Egger with his Bavarian Mountain Hound after trailing a wounded deer

Mark Santos w/ Atticus NAVHDA Utility Prz 1,  on a duck hunt and the spoils of his pheasant hunt below 


Alan Turley w/his 2nd Pudelpointer Allie 

Lady and Pete sharing a find on a wild covey of Bobwhite
this was a 15 covey day 

Pete honoring Lady on a covey of Scaled Quail 

Arizona Gambels Hunt 

Arizona Gambels Hunt 

South East Arizona Mearns Hunt 

Arizona Mearns Hunt 

Arizona Gambels Hunt 
Left to Right 
David Egger (Rio Concho Kennels) , Richard Carter (Carter Farms, TX) Chad Smith (Chad Smith Bird Dogs Tucson AZ)

Chad Smith's English Pointer "Duke" on Gambels

Arizona Mearns Country 

Chad Smith's "Duke" pointing Mearns Quail 

Chad Smith w/Tejas pointing Mearns 

Pudelpointer Sugar, honoring Scout GSP


Guided Hunts  
 Flushing Dogs  

West Texas Bird Country

One on Point w/three dogs honoring

Mighty Mo

Duchess, Queen of the flushers


Afternoon Client Hunt 

Mighty Mo Honoring Gus 

Ellie...Cockleburs after a duck hunt East TX

A Versatile morning 

Sugar honoring
Find "waldo" the pointing dog 50yds up front

Hank (GSP) Honors Sugar (Pudelpointer) 

friend Paul Smith w/large bobcat he called in

friend Coby Hutcheson w/his New Mexico Cat



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